What are dehydrated treats?

We all desire to BE healthy, EAT healthy and LIVE a longer life, so why not want the same for our dogs? Most commercial pre-packaged food whether for humans or dogs lack essential nutritional value. Our dogs are meant to eat fresh raw meat, however an occasional problem is that raw meat may contain parasites which can make your dog sick. And carrying around raw meat as a treat is never an ideal situation. The solution? Natural dehydrated treats. 

What is Dehydration?

Dehydration is the process of removing moisture from the ingredient till it is dry. 

Raw ingredients (for eg. chicken/ duck/ organs) are sliced thinly and then placed onto dehydrator trays and dried at a low temperature for long hours. The number of hours it takes to dry depends on its moisture level.

When meat is dehydrated, all the nutritional benefits of raw meat are retained, but any dangerous pathogens often found in raw meat are killed. What you are left with is a delicious single ingredient protein.

All our products are free from chemicals, additives, preservatives and fillers. There is only one ingredient- high quality Aussie meat. 

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