The boring stuff (T&C's)

Please also see our general SHIPPING page which are part of our terms and conditions.

For all order issues, refunds and returns, please contact us and specify the order number


Bare Dog Treats reserve the right to provide you with a full refund or replacement for your order in the case of a genuine error caused by any of our IT systems and website, or our staff.

You must notify us within 7 days of receiving your order if you believe there is an issue with your order such as a missing or incorrect item.

We have strict quality control and each item has been carefully inspected prior to shipping. If you receive an item that is damaged, please send us pictures for us to inspect. We will ship out a new item to you or provide you with a store credit if that item is not currently available. 

No pet treat on the market is 100% risk free.

While there has been no incidences while consuming our products, our bone products are not cooked but just like a raw bone and any other pet edibles they can still present a small potential hazard. 

Please monitor your dog when they are eating treats especially younger puppies and older dogs. We are not held responsible or accountable for any incidences that occur while consuming our treats.