Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q- I can get supermarket treats that cost less. Why should i switch to Bare Dog treats ? 

A- Raw, dehydrated pet treats are commonly believed to be more expensive than other commercial brands but oftentimes they are actually more economical. Many of the products on the shelves are imported - some are even radiated to get them into the country. They can be made up of by-products and all sorts of gunk. Then chemicals, preservatives and flavorings are added. This is why some dogs get sick after eating them. 

So while it is true that a bag of all natural pet treats may cost more than a regular bag from the grocery store, when you look at the price per serving, natural pet foods are often less expensive as they have no fillers

All our products are real food - only the moisture is taken out - and NOTHING is put in. Nutritious and healthy and 100% Aussie meat!


Q - "Are these OK for small dogs?"

A - Absolutely! We have smaller bite sized treats but the bigger treats are also good for small dogs as it cures boredom, enforces mental stimulation and most importantly cleans their teeth. 


Q - How do i store Bare Dog treats ?

A - Bare Dog treats all come in a resealable bag however we would recommend to put them into an air-tight container once they have been opened. Store them in a cool dark place. They do not need to be refrigerated at any stage. Our treats last 6-12 months if stored in the correct conditions however we bet your dog would've gobbled them all up by then!