About Us

Hello and Welcome to Bare Dog Treats!

My name is Katy and I am from Sydney. I started Bare Dog Treats when I noticed ageing signs in my 10 year old Alaskan Malamute, Kenzie. He had a hard time getting up after laying down and would not be able to walk as far during our daily walks.

It is inevitable to stop ageing but i wanted to delay the ageing process- and to make ageing a better experience for him. Everyone knows the phrase 'food is medicine' so I started researching what food was best for dogs and what to avoid. Turns out that commercially packaged treats from the supermarket are packed with fillers and chemicals and most of the junk added has no benefits for dogs. 

Furthermore, majority of these 'treats' are imported and irradiated before they arrive into the country. I was shocked! I have never actually read what the ingredients were in commercial dog treats but now i will never buy those again. 

I researched for months and found local farmers and Aussie manufacturers that produced dehydrated treats without adding any nasties in them - And that is how Bare Dog started. 

My mission is to educate and encourage all pet owners to feed their dog foods that are not only nutritious but as close to their biological function. Let's together build a community for all pet parents who aren't only willing but eager to give their dogs the best. 

When you purchase from Bare Dog you can be sure that all treats are 100% natural, 100% Australian made* and contains no fillers or nasties ever. When you order from us you are not only supporting a small business but also supporting our local farmers and the Australian economy. Above all, you can be sure that you are giving are your beloved furry friend nutritious treats that are beneficial for them. 


*Green lipped mussels are from New Zealand

 girl and dog alaskan malamute