The Best Dog Treats and when to feed them

With the ever growing selection of dog treats it is becoming harder for us to make a decision.

Which treats are actually the best and for when should you give them to your dog?

The best treats are completely natural with no additives or preservatives, salt or colouring. Here at Bare Dog our treats are just that- 100% natural single ingredient treats- as bare as it can be. When you purchase any treats from us, you are feeding your dog 100% Australian products made with pure ingredients. 

Treats should only make up 10%  of your dogs daily diet so remember to treat them in moderation!

Best treats to keep your dog busy

A long lasting treat to keep your dog busy needs to be big. Dogs love chewing. It’s in their nature. Chewing on something not only busts boredom but also helps to clean their teeth. 

Long lasting treats such as goat horns, bully sticks, and roo lumbar bones are great for big dogs to chomp on. For the small to medium munchers-  roo tail tips, shark cartilage and bully bites are more suitable. 

Take extra precaution when feeding bones and do not ever feed your dog cooked bones as they splinter and can get lodged in their throat or stuck in their stomach. Raw bones are great but messy and cannot be fed indoors. Our bones are dehydrated at a low temperatures to retain maximum flavour and only cooking the outside. The inside of the bones is just like a raw bone - it does not splinter. 

Always ensure your are supervising your dog when eating especially when the bones get smaller. Remove any small pieces and throw them away. Even if your dog has been eating bones for many years- it is always best to take extra precaution. 

Best treats for good behaviour

A high value treat is always a great choice for rewarding your dog. A high value treat is something they do not get often.

Bring these special treats out for your best friends to show them how good they have been. Our Pig ears smell absolutely divine and are extremely delicious however they are higher in fat so best fed sparingly.

Crocodile and duck are also rare and have an exotic taste- best for rewarding good behaviour as your dog may not come across these regularly. 

Best treats for training

Treats best for training are ones that could be broken down easily or come in smaller bites. They should also be low in calories to not fill your dog up. Our lamb and beef puffs are super light and airy. They are great for big dogs as it is the size of popcorn and not too small.

Beef liver is also great for training however too much can cause runny poo. Fish bites are low in calories and do not have a fishy smell but dogs go crazy for them. They are loaded with omegas for a shiny skin and coat. Make sure you are not training after your dog has had a meal as they will not be as motivated when full. 

Best treats to improve health and wellbeing

Treats don’t have to be a guilty pleasure- they can actually help improve your dogs health. For itchy skin and dull coats- fish treats are always a good choice. They contain high amounts of healthy fats that make your dogs coat shiny and lots of nutrients to maintain healthy cognitive function.We recommend fish bites, mackerel bites, or pilchards. Ageing pup? Give them some shark cartilage which contains glucosamine and chondroitin to help reduce inflammation and improve mobility. 

Not all dog treats are created equal so make sure to choose treats made of healthy, natural ingredients that you recognise.

Rule of thumb is if you can't pronounce something or don't know what it means it's probably not good for your dog. If you’re not sure what the best treats for your dogs are, feel free to ask us! We’d love to recommend some tasty treats for your doggy!

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