Pet Accessories- What the heck is a dog bandana?


If you don’t know or haven’t already seen it on a dog or on social media- a dog bandana is a square piece of fabric that is folded in half to form a triangle and placed around the dog's neck. Bandanas are used to enhance a dogs appearance to make them cuter or less scarier, for special occasions and even to be used when the dog is in training- for example Do Not Pat, Anxious Dog, Do Not Approach.  

I learned recently that bandanas became popular as some dog parents would put a bandana on their pups to go the dog park to make identifying which dog was theirs easy. However today, it is more of a fashion statement.

Types of bandanas

Personalised bandanas

Personalised bananas are a great choice if you want to create your own unique design or typography that is not available to purchase or no one has.

It is also the best for dogs that are in training and need space. It’s a great way to let people know to not approach, not pat or come near without having to tell every single person that walks too close.

Personalised bandanas can also be made with the dog’s name or for a special event.

Pattern bandanas

Great patterns of varying designs create a magnificent appearance on your pet.

Patterned bandanas create room for mixing colours and enhancing the dog’s beauty. Remember when everyone was obsessed with avocados? There’s a bandana with avocados on it. How about when everyone was obsessed with sloths? There are bandana with cute sloths on them. Love a good snack? There a bandanas with fries and burgers- my personal favourite cos it’s just too damn adorable!

Where to buy bandanas

There are many retailers and small businesses that stock them. We love purchasing from small business-. our pick is Happy Boi.

Happy Boi stocks a variety of plain, patterned and personalised dog bandanas. Too many options? Why not opt for a personalised option! Make sure to check back frequently as they are always updating their styles so you don’t miss out.

Lastly, Not all bandanas are created equal. Happy Boi was born through a passion for the environment and dogs, and the desire to create eco-friendly dog accessories! They are committed to looking after the environment in every way by continually improving their processes and products to reduce environmental impacts, and innovate within the pet accessories industry.

No one can change the world themselves but if we all do our part and we can create a more sustainable future not only for us but also for our furry friends. 

Visit Happy Boi's range here

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