Benefits of feeding FURRY treats

Why feed dog treats with fur?

Although to humans, eating fur may seem disgusting - for dogs its very natural. In the wild they would hunt their own prey and eat the whole animal- head, eyes, organs and the fur!

But why do dogs eat fur and what are the benefits of fur?

Fur is essential as part of a dogs diet as it contains a trace mineral called manganese. This helps naturally express anal glands and is a great source of fibre.

Consuming fur helps dogs better digest and absorb protein and carbs, as well as fatty acids and also to move things along in the digestive tract.

The fur is like a brush which helps move all the excess waste in the digestive tract and moves it out…you know the other end.

Although it may seem scary to you at first, you can start off with dehydrated furry treats rather than raw ones. Our roo ears with fur are great for introducing fur into your dogs diet.

I have not yet come across anyone who has told me their dog will no eat the fur. Even dogs that have never had fur before gobbled up the treat! Must be in their ancestral genes.

Have you tried fur before? How did it go? Let me know in the comments below!

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